Healing Lists for Your Life

Whether you’re looking for direction or distraction, you’ll find it in these lists for your life. Creating these lists can be healing, and saving them to add onto and review at a later time keeps the healing momentum going. In no particular order, here are approximately 50 healing lists for your life. Enjoy!

  1. List of your strengths
  2. List of your short-term goals – goals for the next day, week, month
  3. List of your long-term goals – goals for the next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years
  4. List of things that make you happy
  5. List of things you’re thankful for – from a roof over your head, to that great sandwich the other day
  6. List of your favorite quotes – inspiration for the future
  7. List of important dates – birthday of loved ones, anniversaries, and other important dates
  8. List of things you’ve accomplished – survived childhood, went to dentist, made call
  9. List of things you want to do before you die – bucket list
  10. List of books you want to read
  11. List of movies/tv shows you want to see
  12. List of passwords – prevents anxiety and stress about forgetting passwords
  13. List of your essential priorities – the #1 most important things in your life right now
  14. List of your values – What is most important to you? What values guide your decisions?
  15. List of your big life dreams – getting a degree, owning a home free and clear, traveling the world
  16. List of new things to try – skydiving to sushi, international flight or a picnic
  17. List of places to visit – local or international, where would you like to go?
  18. List of your work “next steps” – what do you need to do to get where you want to go?
  19. List of random ideas – you know, that random weird stuff that pops up in your mind sometimes.
  20. List of things you no longer do – broken habits, unhealthy coping skills
  21. List of things you’ve done for other people
  22. List of things you’ve done to help animals
  23. List of your favorite songs or albums
  24. List of adjectives you want to be described with
  25. List of all the turning points in your life so far
  26. List of people who have influenced your life
  27. List of people who have helped youcheck list: get up, hug a cat, help someone, have a nice day
  28. List of people who have loved you
  29. List of people you love
  30. List of animals who have loved you
  31. List of animals you love
  32. List of all the things you’re good at
  33. List of your favorite books
  34. List of your favorite movies
  35. List of your favorite smells
  36. List of your favorite foods
  37. List of the happiest moments in your life
  38. List of important lessons you’ve learned
  39. List of the best decisions you’ve ever made
  40. List of the people whose lives you have influenced
  41. List of the things you find beautiful
  42. List of questions and wonderings – big life questions or random silliness
  43. List of things you are looking forward to
  44. List of things to do when you’re bored
  45. List of things you know and skills you’ve learned
  46. List of things you’d do if you had more time
  47. List of what you love about a loved one
  48. List of what you love about yourself
  49. List of what is important to you in a partner/relationship
  50. List of what you love about lists

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Note that I did not include daily to-do lists, or lists of important documents, or lists you should keep to increase your productivity. These lists are for healing, for self-care, for self-help with your emotions and moods. I may continue to add to this list over time, and flesh out the individual entries. If there’s any demand, I’ll get to it sooner. In the meantime, enjoy this big list of lists you need for self-help and self-care and more. Add your suggested list additions in the comments below!

6 Replies to “Healing Lists for Your Life”

  1. While reading the above, my mind was alreadying making a list ! I have two suggestions:-
    List of hobbies you want to pick up
    List of countries you want to visit

  2. This is a great list of things that you can write lists about! I agree that making lists are pretty satisfying; I find that I do it a lot more when I’m stressed about something. The most common list I write, though, is a to do list; it helps me prioritize how I’m going to spend my (work) day.

  3. I love making lists! There are heaps of great books available that have blank lists – I know because I’ve collected them all. I remember one time when I was really down my best friend made me a ‘100 things I love about you’ list, I still have it stuck to the wall as a constant reminder. Never underestimate the power of the list!

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