Online Counseling

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Hi, I’m Whitney, and you can learn more about me here.

I provide individual online counseling throughout the state of Colorado and some international countries. I’m passionate about providing counseling and therapy to those of you who struggle to find counseling services that work for your unique situations, circumstances, schedules, locations, and lifestyles.

Maybe you’re a busy professional or a high-profile personality, or perhaps you live in the middle of nowhere or have a disability or chronic pain that makes it hard to travel to appointments. Or maybe you simply can’t find more time in the day for another commute or the energy to leave the house at all. (Or perhaps you’re struggling to find a counselor who understands what “panromantic ace” or “poly/kink-affirming” you can connect with in your area.)

Meanwhile, you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or life circumstances that sap you of energy, motivation, or even a sense of meaning in life. You’re tired of fighting off negative thoughts and life somehow feels like both a slog and a race you’re constantly falling behind in. Maybe you feel stuck or lost, empty or alone, or stressed out or burned out. But a part of you knows there’s a better way and you’re ready to find it.

If you’re here and still reading and you relate to any of this, then I’m really glad you found me. Working with me through online counseling may be an excellent way for you to heal, to grow, and to create a life that feels more purposeful, meaningful, and rewarding.

Professional & Private

With online counseling, you get the same expertise and proven techniques and a warm, compassionate, and genuine relationship with an experienced counselor, but at the times and in the places that work best for you, and with the level of privacy and confidentiality you deserve. Nobody will see you enter or leave my office, no insurance companies or employers will be involved, and you have control of your environment at all times.

My online counseling platform (SimplePractice) is HIPAA-compliant and secure with multiple layers of encryption to ensure your security and confidentiality. For more information about how SimplePractice keeps your information safe and secure, read more here.

Flexible & Convenient

Featuring 24/7 online scheduling, online payment, and online sessions via video, phone, and text-based messages, I make therapy convenient and easy to fit into your life. You can choose between individual sessions or monthly subscriptions, 30-90 minute sessions, written-only options, and you can choose to pay before each session or set up autopayments. We can meet and talk while you’re on your own couch with your pets nearby, in a parked car, in a hotel room or your office, or wherever works best for you.

Affirming & Accepting

Gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, cisgender, transgender, nonbinary, white, POC, ace, poly, kink, 420, conservative, liberal, progressive, religious, spiritual, atheist, agnostic, single, partnered, child-free, child-full, able-bodied, disabled, rural, urban, cat-lover, dog-lover, and everyone in between: you have my respect and acceptance.

Free Online Counseling Consultation

Online counseling isn’t the right choice for everyone, so I want to offer you a chance to learn more and to meet me and together we can work to find the best options for you. If it turns out that working with me isn’t the best fit for any reason, I’ll do what I can to help you find what you need and you won’t owe anything. To request a free online counseling consultation, click the “request appointment” button below, choose the option for the free online counseling consultation, and then we can contact each other securely from within that platform and decide if we want to write, talk on the phone, or meet over video for your free consult. Or you can email me at whitney@weglenn or text me at 720-593-8325, but keep in mind that those are not encrypted so please do so at your own risk. Everything on the other side of the “request appointment” button is encrypted, secure, and confidential.

Basic Pricing

  • 15 minute free online counseling consultation – FREE
  • Monthly subscriptions (phone/video/text) starting at $200
  • Individual therapy session (50 minutes) – $125
  • Individual therapy session (90 minutes) – $225
  • No insurance accepted. Self-pay only for full privacy.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me for a free online counseling consultation, to set up an appointment, for more information, to inquire about pricing or home visits, or just to say hi! Email me at, text me at 720-593-8325, or click the “Request an appointment” button below.