Does life somehow feel like both a grueling slog and frantic race to nowhere in particular, as you strive for goal after goal while feeling like you’re simultaneously falling behind in life?

Maybe you’re feeling stressed out or burned out, stuck or lost, empty or alone, or all of the above and it’s draining and exhausting and unfulfilling.

Sometimes it takes all your energy to get out of bed or maybe you feel like you’ll jump out of your skin. You might get stuck in the thoughts in your head or swept away by emotions that feel too big, and you worry you’re falling behind, not good enough, or are missing out on some bigger purpose to this life.

You want to feel better, do better, and to live a life with more meaning, purpose, peace, laughter, happiness, and fun. And if you connect with what you’ve read so far, I can help you. We’ll talk or write, explore and learn, and heal and grow as you work to build the life you want. (Laughter, tears, cussing, sarcasm, fandoms, pets, and book talk welcome!)

Featuring 24/7 online scheduling and online sessions via video, phone, and text-based messages, I make therapy convenient and easy to fit into your busy or stressful life. Clients who work with me appreciate my warm, empathetic, and practical approach and my genuine company.

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